Vehicle Services

Engine Oil

This can include things like replacing a head gasket or belt or sealing an oil pan. Repairs must be caught early enough so that the damage doesn’t extend to other parts, leading to an engine replacement if ignored for too long.

Oil Filter

Over time, parts of your suspension could wear out or break completely. In general, the damaged or worn part will need to be repaired or replaced before your car is driven. However, this can vary depending on the part that is broken.

Fuel Filter

If your exhaust pipe is severely rusted or has suffered extensive damage, it likely cannot be repaired and will instead need to be replaced. However, if the issue is a small leak or a damaged muffler, you can patch the leak.

Air Filter

Determining whether your car’s side door window should be replaced or repaired ultimately depends on two factors: cost and condition. Let’s explore each a little more closely so that you have a good idea of how an Only 1 Auto Glass technician decides whether to restore your window.

Cabin Filter

Wheels get damaged from a variety of causes, including bad roads and potholes, leading to misalignment. Hence, the wheels of your car need regular attention for a smooth and perfect driving experience. Auto Car Care experts help you maximise the life of your car wheels by providing a wide range of wheel care services.

Brake Fluid

Auto Car Care’s most common car electrical system problems are problems with your car battery, an alternator that isn’t working properly, loose or failed spark plugs, a fatigued solenoid or starter, bad battery cables, electrical fuses that are blown, loose wires, or problems with your ignition.


Car Service

A car service is a health check with routine maintenance for your vehicle that assesses everything from your engine’s fluid levels to the general wear and tear of your car.

A service is usually undertaken by a mechanic and the most in-depth of them involves around 50 or more system and component checks, adjustments, and parts replacements.

Why do I need a car service?

Regular servicing will ensure your car is running as efficiently and safely as possible, and regular scheduled servicing may well end up saving you money in the long run.

By getting a regular service, you’re likely to see improved fuel efficiency, better handling and a smoother running engine, as well as peace of mind from knowing your vehicle is running optimally. It also decreases the likelihood of your car breaking down either at home or by the roadside.

It can also help you avoid severe repair bills by nipping in the bud any issues that may lead to a problem over time. A full service history will also optimise your car’s market value should you choose to sell it.

Regular vehicle servicing will almost certainly extend the life of your vehicle as well.

You can keep on track with your car’s maintenance by getting a service plan to spread the cost over two years. With ours, you can choose to split your service and MOT to make sure there are expert eyes on your motor regularly.

Make servicing your car more affordable.

Which type of service should I choose?

The service level should equate to your annual mileage, so it depends on your level of vehicle use.

If you are interested in affordable monthly payments to financially plan for big expenses like an annual car service and your MOT, the RAC have introduced a Service and MOT Plan to support customers.


Regular maintenance

When oil and filter need replacement


Full Service

Every 12 months or 12,000 miles (whichever comes first)


Manufacturer Service

As per manufacturer service schedule, check your car manual for information