Car Body Repair or Panel Beating is the entire vehicle repair process that involves straightening chassis rails and frames, removing and re-welding panels, fixing dents and other repair based work that is completed prior to paint refinishing. Our team at AUTOCARCARE are responsible for ensuring that your vehicle’s shape, fit, function and specifications match its original conditions.

At AUTOCARCARE , we are fully equipped with cutting-edge technology. We have highly professional and trained technicians to take care of your damaged vehicles.

Car Body Repair

Body Body Repair

Dent Repair


Bodywork Services

Paint work

It might be a small scratch, but it needs an expert to make it disappear. If the scratch is through the paint, the area is sanded to bare metal and it’s necessary to apply rust inhibitor and primer to prevent rust.

Dents are rebuilt and blended into the surrounding area, then top quality surface paints are colour matched and seamlessly applied and protected with tough clearcoat finish. Clearcoat finishes enhance the colour of your vehicle and create a perfect factory-fresh finish.


Insurance Repairs

Had a car accident? where only your car is damaged, no need to worry. The professional team at BodyWorks are here to help you. Whether your car requires a major collision repair or just a dent repair, we are experts in restoring your vehicle to its original working condition.

We offer a comprehensive range of services, including scratch repairs, car respray service, dent repairs and panel beating.

We offer all aspects of accident repairs for a wide range of car makes and models.


Bodywork services

The bodywork of a motor vehicle is the outside part of it. A second hand car dealer will always look at the bodywork rather than the engine.

We use SMART technology (Small to Medium Repair Technique) which allows us to locally repair and repaint only the damaged area of your car. This method is not only cost effective for you but also enables our equipped mobile technicians to repair your car’s scratches, scrapes, scuffs, dents and cracks with minimum fuss – saving you the hassle of the traditional body shop!

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