Vehicle Diagnostics and Fault Repair

Is one of the lights on your dashboard flashing? Is your car giving you a fault message? If your car is giving you a continuous indication of a fault, there’s a problem with the system in question that you need to address to avoid permanent engine damage and costly repairs. Our vehicle diagnostics and fault repair service will identify and resolve the potential problem by connecting your car to one of our Diagnostics Computers, read the code, and identify the fault.

Why is our vehicle diagnostics and fault repair service so important?

Our vehicle diagnostic services will ensure any problems with your vehicle are identified before they cause long lasting and expensive damage. Our team of qualified mechanics have a wealth of experience fixing a wide range of faults quickly and efficiently.

Our packaged diagnostics service includes reading and clearing the fault code and a diagnosis of the problem. After we’ve repaired the fault, we’ll give you advice on how to avoid it happening again.

Auto Car Care's vehicle diagnostics and fault repair is available for a wide range of car makes, including:

Audi, BMW, Land Rover, Mercedes, MINI, Porsche, SEAT, Škoda, Volkswagen

Why choose Auto Car Care for your vehicle diagnostics in Waltham Forest?

Our award-winning vehicle repair shop offers car owners an unrivalled level of technical ability, and our vehicle technicians have over 20 years experience with all makes of cars, so you can relax knowing your car is in safe hands.


Diagnostics services

At Diagnostic Services, we have unique expertise in diagnostics and diagnostic techniques. Many years of experience, an extensive database, and access to all of the latest tools and equipment make our services fast, accurate and reliable.

For accurate fault finding the following are essential:

Here are just a few of the systems we can cover: